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July 20 Sail Report

Today was sailor appreciation day!

Extra extra extra light winds greeted us this morning. Harrison crib had 0.84 kts at noon. The days events began with kayaking. Singles and then doubles. I was parking the car during singles so I don't know the exact results. Roy and Marcia crushed everyone on kayak doubles. Ed and I coasted into a third after being the first boat to the mark, maybe we should have practiced.

The wind began to pick up and sailboat racing began. Two sunfish battled it out for what seemed like hours. In the end one brother beat out the other by a minute or so.

July 15 Sail Report

Forecasts of 15-20 kts from the West South West necessitated a call to Roy. The H-18 was rigged soon afterward and Patty, Roy and I went for a great sail to the south (well south of Evanston). Dropping Patty off on the beach Roy and I headed back to the North and feathered the beast into a screamer a couple of times as the wind and gusts continued to build. Harrison Crib puts the wind at 22 with a sustained gusts at 27 and a peak well above 30. Tony and Roni showed up when we landed and were headed back out. I'm sure they closed the beach (again).

July 14 Sail Report

Patty skippered the Getaway in 10-12 kts for a long relaxing sail. I crewed and worked on my tan.

July 13 Sail Report

A freshening breeze building to a near gail out of the North or was it the West .. no North East made for a washing machine of waves with a stiff breeze and if you were not careful, boat flipping day. I crewed for Ed on his H-16. We had a few wicked sails and Ed now holds the new unofficial (although officially clocked) top speed on the beach at 18.9 kts. For those of you that think you have gone 20 or 25 kts on a boat... Let me say I have been around 18 kts a number of times this season, it's fast, and skippering at it is nerve racking. Especially on the (now dis-masted) I-18 or a H-16.

July 6 Sail Report

No report yet... but here is the track July 6 Track

Wicked fun day. 15-20 out if the South. Spinnaker rides all day. Right up until the mast snapped like a toothpick. Roni and Roy were fantastic crew and the rescue was non-eventful with no further damage to rig. My thanks to the fellow sailors to stopped by to check to see if we were okay and the beach staff for the tow in. New mast is on order.

June 30 Sail Report

Saturday's massive winds and stories of multiple flipped boats buzzed around the beach. Patty crewed for a nice ride on Ed's H-16 while I fixed the traveler car on the Inter-18. Once the traveler was back in place I rigged the Inter-18 and Ed and I went out. The approaching front was pulling the wind toward it to the North with the prevailing wind coming from the NW made a flukey breeze. I felt full, but we could not double trap. Soon enough the approaching front chased a back to the beach. Steve and Andy Lescohier where still out when the front came thru and flipped.

WSA Regatta This Saturday, June 21

Sailing starts at 1:00. I'd like to have a skippers meeting at 12:30 (near turn-about).

June 15 Sail Report

I crewed for Ed on his H-16. A (fairly) steady 20 kts breeze from the WNW made single trapeze the perfect call. Spent most of the day just hanging out (on the wire that is) while Ed barked orders to trim or ease. In between sails we celebrated Bills 70th birthday (Happy B-day Bill). Gabbi supplied cake.

June 14 Sail Report

Quite simply, an epic day. 15-20 kts winds from the WNW through the early afternoon then building to above 20 kts. Jeff and I were double trap'd on the Inter-18, flying a hull, windward dagger board clear of the water. Set a new max of 17.5 kts. June 14 Track. We threw up the spinnaker a couple times, but it was just too much.

June 7 Sail Report

This spring has turned out to be fantastic. Another huge day. Forecasted at 20-25kts, Harrison Crib has 22-28 with gusts topping 34kts. I can't move my arms... I skippered all day with either 2 or 3 crew, double trapezed. Ed skippered one run while I took a break. Roni, Jeff, Roy and Tony where all on crew rotation. A new GPS max was set at 17.4 kts, but it wasnt on all day either. June 7 Track. Jeff and I set the mark early 2 handed (and a bit on edge). Fun, fun day.

The Inter-18 makes the Tribune

A tribune photographer snapped a pic of us rigging our boat for this article in the tribune.

that’s my spouse (patty) holding the main (sail) while my partner Jeff (wearing hat) and I (best side facing camera) rig the jib.

What you don’t know is 5 minutes later the wind picked up even more, sent the boat tumbling down the beach and broke a part on one of the rudders.

June 1 Sail Report

A nice steady 8-10kt breeze made for a great spinnaker day. Jeff and Lauren practice trapeze while I low-sided it for most of the day. June 1, 2008 GPS Track

Google Map Widget

I added a google maps maplet to the site. Still a work in progress but a solid first effort. You can use this to plot your GPS/GPX files. Here's how.
1) get the GPX file off your GPS.
2) rename your GPX file to have a txt extension.
3) create a blog entry, attach your GPX file (with txt extension)
4) in your blog entry create a link to the googlemap page and the parameter gpx=your_file.txt like so
<a href="">My Track</a>

May 31st Sail Report

Goofy/Gusty winds at 20kts from the northwest with the occasional boat flipper made rigging difficult, but worth it. The new rule of not leaving the Inter-18 alone in anything above 10kts was observed while she was fully rigged. Clark and crew were tearing it up on the Sport-17 while Ed and Roni had a nice double trap ride on Ed's H-16. This being the first real shake down of the Inter-18 we did have a couple of minor rigging twists to sort out, but once we did we had a good time.

Harrison Crib Web Cam is back online
This also gives real-time wind speed and direction

Memorial Day 20-25 kts ... all day

If you missed out, Monday was "one of those days". Starting out 15-20 with waves 1-2 feet out of the west then building to 20-25 kts through the afternoon then easing again. The clouds threatened all afternoon, but broke up as they came over the lake. Before the GPS batteries died, we clocked 16.5 kts on Roni's H-18. Later on in the day I'm sure we hit 20 kts with Tony skippering. I'll post the one GPS track we I get a chance.
GPS Track of the first sail

Opening Day Sail

Opening Day (May 10) Sail Track on the Nacra

Maiden Voyage on Roni's H-18

I'm messing with the GPS, here is a log of our sail on the H-18.

Patty, Jeff and I rigged the Nacra in 20-30 kts winds Saturday morning. Unfortunately when we went to go put on our wetsuites, the wind grabbed the boat and sent in flying, breaking the port rudder casting. The good news is nobody got hurt, and the damage was minimal.

Beach is Open

The Wilmette Sailing Beach opened today! The usual suspects were kicking around, stepping masts and such. Jeff and I did managing to get the boat on the water for a quick sail. 5 - 10 kts winds, closer to 5. Hit a max of 6.1 kts according to the new GPS.

Inter-18 is ready!

After 3 (solid) work days, the Inter-18 is ready for the Beach.
The work included:
-refinishing the bottom half of the hulls
-replacing non-working cleats
-re-rigging the mast rotator
-new spin halyard
-other new standing and running gear
-a good old fashioned wash and wax

New reg numbers and a new "Inter-18" are on order.

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