August 29 and 30th

Big wind from the north and east all week created huge surf intimating many to not even rig. Not a bad choice as most people that rigged did break some parts.

Saturday Aug 15th Sail Report

10-15 kts (really) blew steadily from the south making for a most pleasant day altho the water is still chilly for August. There is no way its over 70. Roni and Ed where out solo on their respective boats flying hulls and generally goofing off. Roni slightly more then Ed. I think I even saw the Smith brothers sailing. I rigged the Inter-18 and took Pete, a friend of a friend on a ride including trapeze and a spinnaker run. I expect he will buy a boat in spring. Roy also returned to active sailing status crewing for me on a second run.

August 8 & 9

uploaded my first video to youtube. Ed and I on his H16... 25 to 30 kts both days. Saturday we were 3 handed on the Inter-18 for several hours, much fun was had. Sunday, Ed pulled out his H-16 Roni and I took turns crewing. Later in the day Tony showed up and rigged the H-18. Fun days, scary and fast, but fun.

Where was this guy last year? Used Nacra Mast in MI

Found this link on craigslist for a Nacra 6.0 Mast. Anyone need a spare?

Sure did not feel like the last week of July

This past week has had more than it's share of big wind days beginning last Saturday. An old friend and I went out on the I-18 in 10-15 kts of breeze out of the NW. There was a huge gusty spot just off-shore stretching from our beach up to Tower Rd. We tacked are way up to Tower in the stiff breeze and turned the boat around and then magic happened. A gust bellowed up and we just took off. We were on full plane for the stretch from Tower Rd all the way back to Gilson. We repeated the exercise a few more times tuning the boat more for each run.

Unseasonable cool weather brings wind from NW

The cool front that has push down from Canada has brought with it September type winds. Yesterday 20-25 kts and today more of the same at 15kts. The pattern looks to continue through Saturday, so get out there! I was able to get out last night with Ronni and Sara as crew. A quick (humbling) flip occurred as we hit the wind line about a mile out (skippers note: keep main un-cleated when approaching a 20 kt wind line). After a brisk swim life was good.


A co-worker gave me this link of a cat surfing. Gabbi did you send a pic in? The weather pattern looks like its going to persist until Wednesday night. Ed? up for a sail tomorrow after work?

June 28th sail report

Okay, light breezes and happy sails ... gone. Today was a day for the not faint-of-heart. A solid 25-30 kts blew from the Northwest with some occasional gusts that could break parts. The early afternoon the wind was ripping, but as it clocked to the north a bit, it seemed to ease up just a touch. Of course I rigged in what think was the peak of it, which was a mistake on my part. With the traveler completely out we were still way over powered and we buried both hulls in a kind of soft pitch pole while heading up-wind. Good news, the paint job on the bottom of the hulls is holding up!

June 27th sail report

10 kt winds from the south made for a very pleasant day. The wind filled in in the afternoon allowing single handers to fly hulls and some light trapezing. I was out on the Inter-18 and later in the day went out single handed for a couple of long beam reaching hull flying runs. Summer has appeared to arrive.

New crew in town

I am a life-long sailor, and have recently moved to Wilmette from the city.

I have been crewing on Solings and Tartan 10s for the last 10 years out of Gilson Harbor and Belmont Harbor.

I am still active in the Soling fleet for 2009, but the schedule is light this year, and I have always been interested in crewing on a Hobie.

If anyone is looking for crew - either for a race or just to tear it up on the lake for a couple hours, I am game. I work in Glenview, so I could potentially make it for an impromptu late afternoon sail in addition to the weekends.

I can be reached via email:


Rain gods & wind gods are playing chicken

The good news is we resolved the issue with the sheered off bridle pin we had (plain old bad design). The mast is up, the weather cleared, but ....

Variable was an understatement yesterday. There was ever the slightest amount of wind. You could actually sail, but it was a chore and the biting flys were out. The good news is the rig held up, although I don't think its a complete test.

Inter 18 hits the water

Saturdays gale force winds kept folks from getting out on the water but Sunday turned out to be a nice day for a shakedown cruise. Jeff and I took the Inter-18 out for a couple hours including several long spinnaker runs where we caught and passed several 40 ft mono hulls under full canvas plus the iron genni. We were able to get the windward hull out of the water for a few long stretches but did not get too nutty as no one was wearing a trapeze harness. Clark and his partner were out on there Hobie-17 and a Barrette was also out.

Beach is Open (2009)

Several boats are rigged and I know at least two went out this weekend for shakedown sails. Ronnie, Tony and I were out yesterday on their H-18 until Tony could no longer feel his feet (no booties). Two guys took out a prindle that is new to the beach today. The I-18 is rigged, but crew was not looking ambitious and had prior commitments by the time I was fully rigged this afternoon. Jeff is on vacation somewhere and only randomly texts.

Patty found some local regattas this summer

I subscribed to the Catsailor paper. Patty was thumbing thru the latest copy and noticed there are 3 regattas this summer scheduled at the Glencoe beach. We should extend a spinnaker pole and head up there with a few boats. Maybe their race group gets more than 2 boats on the water.

Boat Work

Do you know if we can get onto the beach before the start of the season? Do you have some free time on any upcoming weekend?

We should probably flip the boat over and do some touch up on the hulls / rudders / dagger boards.

I can order more paint, just give me the word: Interlux Performance Epoxy.

One month countdown till the beach opens

The days are getting longer, the air is (ever so slightly) getting warmer. 31 days until the beach opens not that anyone is counting. The sailing lottery seemed to be less crowded than in previous years. The recession? Who knows... Our number came up early enough to warrant moving the big boat on the other side of the access road so we elected to go for it. Hey... 100 less feet of pushing is 100 less feet of pushing. Jeff purchased new trap wires and I figured out how to (hopefully) use the furler on the jib. Have not run around the house in the drysuit yet.

December 14th Update

Warm(er) weather showed up today so I stopped by the beach. Go figure, Roni was there. Latest is there is a new lake front manager for the village, Holly is her first name. Rumor is she has a cat on the beach, good for us. Hedlund's is having a sale. I picked up a dry suit, a second harness and a few other goodies. There are misc wetsuits for $10.

H-18 spin rig for sale

Sept 20, 2008 Sail Report

If you went down the the lake this morning, you probably bagged it and headed home. Too bad, the wind picked up in the afternoon and blew a very steady 9-10 kts from the south east. Skippers of H-16s went out single handed on mass and put on a show for the beach, able to fine tune their hull flying skills. Ronnie and I went out on the Inter-18 and double trapeze'd with the spinnaker up. Later on madman Tony and I repeated the double trap while under spin. I think I heard Tony giggling like a school girl. We almost, and I mean almost rolled her when we had one gust.

Labor Day Weekend

Thank god the forecasters suck. A solid 10-12 kts blew from the SE all weekend making for super fun sailing on any boat. The inter-18 has her new mast, logged at least 60nm on it is my guess. Spinnaker up, spinnaker down. Upwind... downwind. Hulls out. Good times had by all.

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