Opening Day Sail

Opening Day (May 10) Sail Track on the Nacra

Maiden Voyage on Roni's H-18

I'm messing with the GPS, here is a log of our sail on the H-18.

Patty, Jeff and I rigged the Nacra in 20-30 kts winds Saturday morning. Unfortunately when we went to go put on our wetsuites, the wind grabbed the boat and sent in flying, breaking the port rudder casting. The good news is nobody got hurt, and the damage was minimal.

Beach is Open

The Wilmette Sailing Beach opened today! The usual suspects were kicking around, stepping masts and such. Jeff and I did managing to get the boat on the water for a quick sail. 5 - 10 kts winds, closer to 5. Hit a max of 6.1 kts according to the new GPS.

Inter-18 is ready!

After 3 (solid) work days, the Inter-18 is ready for the Beach.
The work included:
-refinishing the bottom half of the hulls
-replacing non-working cleats
-re-rigging the mast rotator
-new spin halyard
-other new standing and running gear
-a good old fashioned wash and wax

New reg numbers and a new "Inter-18" are on order.

Wilmette Sailing Sheets Winter 2008

March 29, 2008.

Okay, I think, and I say this hesitantly, that spring has finally broke. I actually have the window open (albeit just a crack) as I type this. This can only mean one thing...

Sailing season is upon us.

A few notes:
- Everyone who has asked for a login to the site is setup. I'm sorry the system does not send a confirmation email when I set you up. Just know, your all set, so you can post content/blog away.

- If you went to Strictly Sail Chicago and got a $20 off coupon from West Marine, they expire real soon (maybe even today).

3 Weeks and no new content??

I at least expect a report from strictly sail.

Ronnie inspecting Inter-18

testing out how we should put pics up. we want to be nice to todd (his box). and not abuse it.

a flickr photo ... goes Live!

rather un-eventful, but live none the less.

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