New Weather Bouy off Wilmette Beach

Dave Raith was paying attention and picked up on the fact that a new weather bouy was dropped off our beach. I have not sailed past it yet.
The link is here ...
Everyone thank Dave. I have also added the link to the frequently used list up top here. Now, if we could just get some wind.

@WilmetteSailing is now on Twitter!

This site needs an overhaul. I'm starting to think about it. In the meantime, follow on Twitter @WilmetteSailing

Wilmette Sailings own Bob Findlay is sailing on the Sunfish North Amercian Championship

After day one it looks like Bob had one good race and a second where he got stuck in the pack. After two races he is 31st. Out of I dont know how many... more than 100.

Here are the results ...

Hopefully Bob can have a big day tomorrow and make up some ground.

Back Online!

After not doing anything for a bit, we appear to be back.

New Sailing WR

I'm jacked when we hit 24 kts. I cannot imagine 65 kts.

November Sail

A super nice November day. Cold water and 20 kts of breeze. I just sure hope nothing breaks.

Big Boy boat for sail on beachcats ... SC 20

Given an infinite number of possibilities... I think the SC 20 is the ultimate "big boy" boat. Even more so then say a Nacra 20. It's the width. They are 12 feet wide.

This one has a ARC 22 mast/main, which IMHO is a bad thing for us as we just don't need "more power" on those 25 kts days. Take note Danny (they guy with the ARC 22) that lives between our beach and K-worth only goes out up to about 12 kts, maybe 15. Anyone want to go halfsies?

High end used boats for sale

I am aware of a few nice boats for sale on the beach right now.
- a Nacra 5.8 NA (the big jib). In near perfect condition.
- a Nacra F-18 (pointy bows). In good condition.
- a Nacra 5.8. In good condition

If you are looking to trade up from your H16 and be one of the cool kids, shoot me an email, I'll get you in contact with the right skipper.

Wednesday is the day

Anyone watching the weather? It looks like a nice low is going to blow in late Tuesday night. Wednesday post work sailing looks promising.

July 14, 2012 Sail Report

Nacra Inter-18 Solo Day. please find attached evidence...

June 2-3 Sail Report

If you did not get on the water this weekend, and most of you didn't, I'm sorry. Saturday we were treated to a NW breeze 20-25 kts. I had rookie crew flipped and exploded a jib that was on it's last leg. Several other veteran sailors had bobbles and capsizes but didn't care, I was just too much fun.

Sunday had a slightly more mild encore, but still fun. Ed and Ronni killed it in the morning while the wind was still above 20. Later ... Bobby Findlay and I sailed up to Tower Rd. I was able to get on the wire a couple of times. Around 5:00pm a steady 12 kts filled back in an I headed out solo, goosing the Nacra with her new sails to 18 kts single handed on the wire. Scott had his family out for a cruise on his 16. Jerry and Greg were out on their boards. Life was pretty good.

I have seen the future... and its not hard wings

kiteboarding + hydrfoils + multihulls = fast fun with friends.

so how did they nominate the guy who is harnessed up to the kite (and attached fast to the boat)?

Happy Holidays from Wilmette Sailing


Scott and I head out on December 11, 2011 (at an undisclosed location) for some winter sailing. Hope everyone has a safe holiday season.

And you thought you were having a bad day...

Watch these guys on an (ARC22?) miscalculate bridge height. That sucks.

Park District votes to keep "sail at your own risk" policy

Monday, November 21 the Park District "Parks and Rec Committee" voted to keep the "Sail at Your Own Risk Policy".

The underlying discussion was whether or not the Park District should change the policy and close the sailing beach on "Red Flag" days.

About 20 sailors showed up, about 10 spoke giving reasons/recommendations to keep the policy as-is. No sailors spoke in favor of changing the policy. One "local politician" spoke out saying the park district does have some responsibility to close. One committee member strongly disagreed with this "politician", stating 'if a sailor wants to challenge themselves and understands the risk (and policy), then who are we to stop them'. Ahem brother, well said!

There will be a change to the wording in the beach contracts surrounding the rescue boat and when/how/why beach staff are inclined to provide assistance to sailors. This is yet to be finalized, but expect the word "rescue" to be eliminated.

An instant classic to warm the hearts of generations

October Sailing with Ed and Roni

54 degree air temp and 20-25 kts from the NNE made for some big waves and challenging conditions , so what do you do? Grab the boys and head out of course. Not a long sail but an intense one ... and it's on video! The crew performed to perfection as did the boat.

Original Link to Pic

Airborn Baby (now see the video)

Switching this out to the video... (best yet?)

Here is the orginal Flickr Photo
kudos to Ed for staying aboard.

Nacra flying (leeward) hull

Step 1. Winds from the NW, waves from the N. Liftoff... note leeward hull.
Step 2. Prepare for re-entry.
Step 3. Splashdown

Epic day... Ed only had a couple hours so he and I teamed up and had some fun. You should see the video from the downwind legs... we were nuking.

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