May 31st Sail Report

Goofy/Gusty winds at 20kts from the northwest with the occasional boat flipper made rigging difficult, but worth it. The new rule of not leaving the Inter-18 alone in anything above 10kts was observed while she was fully rigged. Clark and crew were tearing it up on the Sport-17 while Ed and Roni had a nice double trap ride on Ed's H-16. This being the first real shake down of the Inter-18 we did have a couple of minor rigging twists to sort out, but once we did we had a good time. Up wind to the north and east was a rough / wet ride at about 15kts of boat speed single trapezed with skipper and 2 additional crew. Downwind we light it up! I guess well above 20kts (sans spinnaker) with Jeff trap'd off the back and only sent him swinging once when I buried the leeward hull up to the trap (we did recover tho). No GPS to back this up, Clark did come over after the /Jeff a wire/ trick and comment on the recovery and that we were in fact flying. Hope more people came down as the winds eased.