AC final BMW/Oracle Wins 2-0. Fast Multi-hulls cool again (as if going fast was ever not cool).

TV coverage for the 33rd (all multi-hull) Americas Cup was non-existent in the US. Sailing Anarchy had good coverage and had real-time video. Short answer... BMW/Oracle packed the Swiss team a lunch 2-zip, I think they even included some cookies. Good news for us, the little man... Multi-hull designs will take a huge step forward. Curved/lifting dagger boards will be standard on most spinnaker rigged cats in coming years as will air foils behind cross members to reduce windage. The new Nacra 20 already embraces these new ideas. If I only had 20K to burn. The extreme 40 design is now a mere stepping stone to the new Extreme 90 If I only had 5 million to burn. I'm stoked for this coming season. I received my letter from the beach asking for money, hope you did too. Contracts are due 2/26/2010.