June 2-3 Sail Report

If you did not get on the water this weekend, and most of you didn't, I'm sorry. Saturday we were treated to a NW breeze 20-25 kts. I had rookie crew flipped and exploded a jib that was on it's last leg. Several other veteran sailors had bobbles and capsizes but didn't care, I was just too much fun.

Sunday had a slightly more mild encore, but still fun. Ed and Ronni killed it in the morning while the wind was still above 20. Later ... Bobby Findlay and I sailed up to Tower Rd. I was able to get on the wire a couple of times. Around 5:00pm a steady 12 kts filled back in an I headed out solo, goosing the Nacra with her new sails to 18 kts single handed on the wire. Scott had his family out for a cruise on his 16. Jerry and Greg were out on their boards. Life was pretty good.