June 30 Sail Report

Saturday's massive winds and stories of multiple flipped boats buzzed around the beach. Patty crewed for a nice ride on Ed's H-16 while I fixed the traveler car on the Inter-18. Once the traveler was back in place I rigged the Inter-18 and Ed and I went out. The approaching front was pulling the wind toward it to the North with the prevailing wind coming from the NW made a flukey breeze. I felt full, but we could not double trap. Soon enough the approaching front chased a back to the beach. Steve and Andy Lescohier where still out when the front came thru and flipped. Steve landed on the hull and the hook from his harness punctured thru. Talking to Andy afterward he said he could not get Steve unhooked himself and is rethinking his traditional trapeze set up for the new ball style. This is exactly why I carry a knife. Another option is Magic Marine spreader bar that has a spring loaded hook that can be ejected via an emergency pull. We are all glad they are both safe. Andy was able to flag down the beach rescue boat and a couple guys helped him right the boat. They sailed back with the starboard hull completely flooded.