July 13 Sail Report

A freshening breeze building to a near gail out of the North or was it the West .. no North East made for a washing machine of waves with a stiff breeze and if you were not careful, boat flipping day. I crewed for Ed on his H-16. We had a few wicked sails and Ed now holds the new unofficial (although officially clocked) top speed on the beach at 18.9 kts. For those of you that think you have gone 20 or 25 kts on a boat... Let me say I have been around 18 kts a number of times this season, it's fast, and skippering at it is nerve racking. Especially on the (now dis-masted) I-18 or a H-16. One flick of the wrist sends crew flying and no one wants that. I think 20 is going to be tops for the season. It will be on a close reach with 4 ft following seas, 20-25 kts with the occasionally gust to 30. The 30 gust will force the boat downwind and the skipper will chose to run with it due to the surf. Just my prediction (hope its me). These conditions have happen twice this season so far.