July 20 Sail Report

Today was sailor appreciation day!

Extra extra extra light winds greeted us this morning. Harrison crib had 0.84 kts at noon. The days events began with kayaking. Singles and then doubles. I was parking the car during singles so I don't know the exact results. Roy and Marcia crushed everyone on kayak doubles. Ed and I coasted into a third after being the first boat to the mark, maybe we should have practiced.

The wind began to pick up and sailboat racing began. Two sunfish battled it out for what seemed like hours. In the end one brother beat out the other by a minute or so.

Cat racing was broken into 3 classes. H-16, Unlimited, and Rec. Ed took top honors on H-16 but Roy had a very respectable 2nd after leading around the first two marks. It should be noted 5 H-16s showed up, a respectable group. Roni and Clark had a battle royale for unlimited cat king of the beach (I-18 mast still busted arrrgg!). Roni lead the entire race with Clark hot on his heels. Clark tried his best but could not close the gap. The final group was the plastic tubs. 3 Getaways and a Wave lined up. I got a really good start and lead the entire race. One Getaway gave me a run for my money to the first mark but I was able to hold off the challenge. The light winds taunted the fleet and Ed and Roy came out to harass me as I rounded the final mark and headed in. Kudos to all boats for participating.