Saturday and Sunday August 10,11th and others

Yesterday, Roni and I rigged his H-18 and exhausted ourselves. Steady winds from the north at about 15 kts made for a fun day. Nobody believes us that the sailing was good. We clocked 18 kts on the GPS and flipped after getting caught on the low side during a tack, both signs of a good day! We also learned two guys can right the 18. We logged 20 nautical miles on the GPS, take a look.

Today was a much anticipated day. Large seas from the north east pounded the beach while a 15-20 kt wind blew in. I arrived later in the day after Ed and Roni had already beat themselves up. Tony was taking anyone walking by out on the H-18.

I crewed for Ed. Ed noted "wow, the boats alot more stable with you out on the wire vs. Roni". I think he just said I'm fat. After tacking out at the bell, we prepared for the long surf in. I got out on the wire, positioned off the back corner, as we accelerated I pulled the jib in, Ed sheeted in the main. We took off like a bullet and buried both hulls in the monster wave in front of us, pitch poling in about 1 second. After righting and assessing no real damage, we still had our killer surf in.

After that Joe need crew so Roni and stepped up. We redeemed ourselves keeping the sails pointed up and not breaking Joe's boat.

Tony and friends had some trouble and needed a tow in by the coasties. No details yet, but everyone was accounted for and breathing.

Good days. The GPS had a number of days that had not been posted...
July 13th
July 18th
August 3rd
August 9th
August 10th

Roni left me a voice mail, apparently one bow sheared off. The boat is back at the beach. I need to go down and take a look. More importantly, no one was hurt.