saturday 8-23-08

yes, we all did get permission from the sailing shack last week and this to sail our boats. we were all very aware that the CURRENT could get us at any time!

wsa race day! susie findlay showed up, nick showed up, jonathon? a new sunfish sailor showed up asking questions as he got the email from sue small recently. got out near him and he was enjoying his boat skimming along on plane, water spraying sideways. never water skied behind a sunfish, coud have today. kirk brown was sanding his hulls from the coating he put on the bottoms of his 16. roy and roni were working on the born again 18 that Tony somehow sailed most of the way back broken days ago..gotta give him kudos for that.

winds were up early from the south. ronnie and ed took a 16 out toward chicago and got near to north end of lake shore drive in a hurry! winds were 7-22...norm, i needed the gps today!!!! nice winds and flat water! the waves heading south were maybe 2 ft and coming back north smooth! what great rides! winds were up and down and not ballistic. water temp 78

later ed and nick took a spin out to see susie on the committee boat. winds had shifted about 90 degrees to the west/nw and a bit stronger. more nice rides! i think nick enjoyed crewing for a change..more nice rides running up to glencoe and back!

even the crash boat was in the water and was used for something other than a windicator at anchor. wonder how the CURRENT affected it?