Sept 20, 2008 Sail Report

If you went down the the lake this morning, you probably bagged it and headed home. Too bad, the wind picked up in the afternoon and blew a very steady 9-10 kts from the south east. Skippers of H-16s went out single handed on mass and put on a show for the beach, able to fine tune their hull flying skills. Ronnie and I went out on the Inter-18 and double trapeze'd with the spinnaker up. Later on madman Tony and I repeated the double trap while under spin. I think I heard Tony giggling like a school girl. We almost, and I mean almost rolled her when we had one gust. We were able to just spill enough wind to recover by rolling the wind off the spinnaker downwind. The acceleration and accompanying stall had us hanging way up there for what seemed like days, but we stayed dry. I guess we have to do it again tomorrow.