June 28th sail report

Okay, light breezes and happy sails ... gone. Today was a day for the not faint-of-heart. A solid 25-30 kts blew from the Northwest with some occasional gusts that could break parts. The early afternoon the wind was ripping, but as it clocked to the north a bit, it seemed to ease up just a touch. Of course I rigged in what think was the peak of it, which was a mistake on my part. With the traveler completely out we were still way over powered and we buried both hulls in a kind of soft pitch pole while heading up-wind. Good news, the paint job on the bottom of the hulls is holding up! Peter and John, my crew, and I quickly righted the beast, made a few tacks, but then decided to head in. The junkie I am, I skulked up and down the beach in full battle gear looking for boats that needed crew. Joe appreciated the rail meat as did Doug Molene as he was taking first timers for schreachers out to about the 3 mile mark and back. Doug and I had real screamer on our last broad reach back in. We seemed to be able to surf the same wave for minutes at a time before climbing the back of the next one a skidding down its face... thanks Doug.