Sure did not feel like the last week of July

This past week has had more than it's share of big wind days beginning last Saturday. An old friend and I went out on the I-18 in 10-15 kts of breeze out of the NW. There was a huge gusty spot just off-shore stretching from our beach up to Tower Rd. We tacked are way up to Tower in the stiff breeze and turned the boat around and then magic happened. A gust bellowed up and we just took off. We were on full plane for the stretch from Tower Rd all the way back to Gilson. We repeated the exercise a few more times tuning the boat more for each run. After several runs we headed in for a break as I simply could not sheet anymore. During lunch I pulled the GPS out to check top speed. 25.7 kts. I couldn't believe it. I mean we were nuken, but that is fast.