Sept 18,19,20 2009 Sail Report

Friday Sept 18. Sorry I has to work, but word is ... it was awesome. One of the best days of the year. Will somebody comment? The day ended with "Movie Night" on the beach! Which was a big hit and a concept we will build on. Yes, you can run an LCD, an amp, and a DVD player on a 1200 watt generator.

Saturday Sept 19. Steady 15 kt winds from the east made for an excellent sail. Roni and I chased Ed and Roy (or was Ed the one trying to keep up finally). We logged over 20 nm on the GPS, plus I left it turned off on a one sail. I finished the day with a sail with Doug. No reason to panic when he reaches over and sheets in for you so hard there is no way to un-cleat it. Travel out he says. We were screamin, double trapped.

Sunday Sept 20. The 15 kt from the East continues as the waves build. Jeff and Lauren were early and had the Inter-18 rigged and returning from a sail when I showed up at 10:00am. Jeff and I headed out and were chased by Ed and Roni. After lunch Ed took a friend Patty out while John and I made chase. After flirting with burying the leeward hull all day we finally got bit. I lost the tiller and while shouting to John the boat headed downwind, I lost my footing and swung out, took the boat with me, capsizing high side (new event for me). No harm no foul. We had fun. I have some video, but not of the capsize (sorry). will post once I edit.

It finally happened! All 3 elements for great sailing! And on a weekend to boot. Sat was just grand, started with 2 person day and eased to 1 person day...what a treat. norm wher'es the camera?

Sunday was a bit stronger at first and we were blessed with breakingin a new crew, Patti Thompson. she has sailied the slower of monohulls and wa spretty stoked, scared and thrille. she got drenched on the wire, her first day and had a ball! Her athleticism truly showed thru. Way to go! Roni and I schooled her on shore and additiotnal on the water as necessary. thanks roni.

Was pretty funny when Roni, Patti and I were screaming alsong and turned around only to find Norm and John Karver in the water on his Inter 18. So, Roni valiantly jumped in to assist the righting and sailed along with them.

Quite amusing when we hit the beach when folks left the beach with 3...!

ed petrosius, II