November 8th – NACRA 20 – Spinnaker run

We are not from Wilmette beach but close Evanston - Northwestern Sailing.

It was a blast – South-West wind about 12 Knots.

And the whole lake for as no other boat on the horizon.

A H-16 sailor from our beach moved his boat to the Evanston NW beach this fall. We helped John sail his boat down there. A saw the Inter-20 on the beach there. Is that your boat? I'll trade you rides sometime, I have an Inter-18 about the exact same vintage. Also, I have my dry suit if you are looking for crew. Unfortunately Wilmette frowns on having boats rigged after Nov 1.

Sorry I did not reply earlier but I just have not been at this website. Yes the boat you saw on the beach was my, but I sold it. To my knowledge the new owner will stay on Northwestern Sailing Club beach for next season.

I’m considering buying another N20 for next sailing season and I always look for crew. Send me email at the beginning of 2010 sailing season @ krisu13(at)yahoo(dot)com and if I will buy another boat we can go sailing.